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Similar to the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards - only much less rigid with no stressful assessment days our Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) Partnership Grades can be achieved at the learner's pace throughout the course.

Incorporating many different and enjoyable aspects of training we will be delving into  Agility, Hoopers, Scentwork,  Gun dog exercises, Recall & Loose Lead walking gradually adding some Duration, Distance, and Distraction all while building your handling skills and relationship whilst still improving your dog's behaviour and preparing them for the real world.

How far you go is entirely up to you as you don't need to commit to a certain number of classes!

Currently there are SIX levels available to work through (more will be added in future!) each level will be gradually be increasing the criteria and difficulty.

These classes are perfect for those who are taking part simply for fun and for those with a more competitive streak...!

Certificates and rosettes will be awarded each time you successfully complete a level.

Classes will be held in rolling blocks of 5 weeks per block for those following the Partnership grades, grades can be achieved at the learners pace throughout the course.


IMDT Partnership grade are suitable for a dogs of any age, preferably who have attended a puppy /foundation class or previous Kennel Club Good citizen classes

IMDT Grade 1.jpg
  • Loose Lead Walking 100 meters with turns & Sits

  • Sit with Duration

  • Down with Durartion

  • Recall from 5 paces

  • Handling of Ear, Eye & Paw

  • Chin Rest

IMDT Grade 4.jpg
  • Loose Lead Walking 400 meters off lead with turns, a Sit, a Down & a side swap

  • Search with Indication

  • Down with Duration, Distance & Distraction

  • Greeting a Person & a friendly Dog off lead with no jumping at Person or contact with Dog

  • Boomerangs

  • Sendaway

IMDT Grade 2.jpg
  • Loose Lead Walking 200 meters with turns, pace changes & a Sit

  • Sit with Duration & Distraction

  • Down with Duration & Distraction

  • Recall from 20 paces to a Front Sit position

  • Clear Jump (Height to suit Dog)

  • Trick x 3

IMDT Grade 5.jpg
  • Loose Lead Walking 250 meters off lead & fast paced with turns, a Sit, a Down & a side swap

  • Search & Retrieve to Handler 4 separate items, each retrieved individually

  • Canine Knowledge Quiz

  • Sit with Distance, Duration & Distraction

  • Boomerangs with Distance

  • Sendaway with a Sit or Down & redirection

IMDT Grade 3.jpg
  • Loose Lead Walking 300 meters with turns, pace changes, a Sit, Wait & Recall

  • Search with Retrieve

  • Emergency Stop

  • Greeting People off lead with no Jumping Up

  • Clear Jump off lead with Wait (Height to suit Dog)

IMDT Grade 6.jpg
  • Loose Lead Walking 300 meters off lead, with pace changes, turns, a Sit, a Down & two side swaps

  • Sequence of 5 Behaviours cued at distance

  • Directions at distance with a Sit or Down & Wait with Distractions

  • Retrieve x 3 to Middle, Retrieve to Front & Retrieve to Heel

  • Clear Jump with a Sit or Down & Wait with Distractions (Height to suit Dog)

  • Bang!

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